Libertarianism and the Problem of Responsibility

Positions on Free-will can be divided up into three main kinds, according to their attitude to three theses:

Incompatibilism, (I): If Determinism is true, then we’re never free.

Free-will, (F): We are at least sometimes free.

Determinism, (D): Each state of the universe U1 uniquely determines each future state U2.

Since all three theses can’t be true, positions are defined by which of the theses are rejected. The rejection of (I), but endorsement of (F) and (D) is commonly known as Compatibilism. Rejection of (F), with affirmation of (I) and (D) is sometimes called Pessimism. Finally1, denial of (D), and the holding of (I) and (F) as true is Libertarianism, which will be my quarry in this post.
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