I had no idea..

.. but this is just horrific. Feel free to share it if you have the same sense of disgust and distress in realizing that some fellow humans condone this barbarity.


4 thoughts on “I had no idea..

  1. joseph says:

    Tai Chi,
    In fairness the only improvement we have is to stun the cow before, which is a bolt smashing into the brain through the frontal bone. Now it is an improvement, but it’s not pretty. (Suffocation with CO2 is probably the kindest option).

  2. joseph says:

    Sorry watched the video now.
    I am glad you showed the stunning, though having seen this in reality it is not always as simple as potrayed (I have seen the cow stagger around after being stunned, semi-conscious), the stunned cow will also breath after the carotids and jugular are cut, and how conscious the cow is after the blood pressure drops massively is somewhat debatable (sheep are a different matter).

  3. TaiChi says:

    Thanks for your comments, Joseph. This is something I really need to research further to have an informed opinion about, but my initial judgment is that the cow in the video is conscious: I plan to err on the side of caution in staying away from halal meat until I have the time to look into it properly.

  4. joseph says:

    I guess every method has pros and cons:

    Captive Bolts can be too weak for thick skulls, badly maintained, users can aim badly, nervous tissue can end up elsewhere (BSE concern)

    Electric Plates can be misapplied, with poor contact.

    Carbon Dioxide can cause panic and stress.

    I think all meat eaters should visit a slaughterhouse, and carefully consider animal welfare.

    We have funny double standards, when euthanasing a dog, or a cat, pentobarbital alone is commonly used. For humans a mixture containing a barbituate, potassium and a muscle relaxant is used and we are told that it is desperately inhumane to disclude any of those (even if capital punishment could be argued to be humane)…the muscle relaxamt seems mostly for the benefit of the executers.

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